Security & Total Control

Open source home automation that keeps the control inside your walls. Privacy first.


The Home Assistant application lets you feel at home even when you are out.
Check on your kids or even access security cameras anywhere in the world.

Climate Control

Control the temperature from bed.
Keep your home comfortable at all times by monitoring temperature and humidity levels automatically.


Get customized notifications about what matters most to you.
Hot Water Heater Leaking? Garage Door Open? Front Door Locked? Sick Of Wondering?
Let Us Take The Guessing Away And Keep You In The Know.

About The System

Smart Device Integration

Interacts with Google Home, Alexa, Hue, Wink, Sonos, Honeywell and many more of your favorite smart equipment.

Integrates directly with an existing alarm systems.  Take advantage of your existing wired sensors that have been dormant.

Customized Alerts At Your Control

First line of defense is home state awareness.  With customized notifications based off time of day or any condition you request, peace of mind is near.  Once a sensor changes its state, you will be notified with a text, email or audible alert of your request.

Instant Smoke & Flood Alerts

Knowing immediately about fire or water in your home is game changing.  A faulty hot water heater leak alert will speak for itself.  This can be the difference between a small clean up and a catastrophe.

Electric Efficiency

Save electricity and have lights go off when no motion in the room.  Better yet, have the lights come on when motion is detected.  Why not both??

Protection & Reliability

Simply sleep in peace.  Knowing all doors and windows are closed at a glance is priceless especially when in bed and trying to relax.  Having a siren sound when a door or windows is opened unexpectedly helps deter unwanted intruders as well as alerts residence in the area.

No Monthly Fees

No monthly reoccurring fees &  no cutting corners!  Protected by the technology you choose, all while staying inside your house and never going to the cloud.


No, this system will never contact the Police or Fire Department at any time.

No, we do not.  This system is self sustained, maintained and tested.

We provide remote assistance billed at quarter hour increments.  If we cannot resolved remotely a certified technician will be dispatched for on-site services.

No, there will not be a reoccurring monthly fee.  We do not have a monthly subscription with our standalone Basic services.  Advanced services are offered which provide additional features and a $10 monthly subscription. The Advanced option maybe required for certain automatons requested.

Add Peace Of Mind And Safety To Your Locations

➤ Arm & Disarm Alarm

➤ Lock & Unlock Doors

➤ Turn Lights On & Off

➤ Adjust Thermostats

➤ Save Time, Energy And Money

➤ Convenient And Easy

➤ Locally Hosted And Secured With SSL

➤ No Monthly Fees

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