VOIP Phone Systems

Unified Communications

• One Stop Solution
• Free Phones
• 90+ Advanced Features

Low Pricing & No Contract

Increased Productivity and Collaboration

Video conference, Business SMS and seamless integration between mobile devices and your corporate phone system make your business even more productive.

Lower Costs

No hardware to buy, install, manage, upgrade or replace. Save on monthly phone bills when compared to traditional phone service.

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Managed Services

Security-Centric Remote Monitoring and Management

Some Key Features

➤ Real-time Monitoring & Alerting

➤ Comprehensive Reporting

➤ Task Automation

➤ Patch Management

➤ Remote IT Support

➤ Security Assessment

➤ Centralized Dashboard

➤ Low Price Point

Let Us Help You Stay Safe And Up To Date

Professional Camera Solutions

Stay in the Know 24 x7

Keep Your Data 100% Local, No Cloud

No Monthly Payments

➤ Advanced Compression H.265+

➤ Matrix IR LED Up To 100ft

➤ True WDR 120dB

➤ Dome, Turrent Or Bullet Style

➤ Remote Access

➤ 8MP,  3840×2160 Resolution

➤ 2.8mm Fixed Lens

➤ IP67 Rated

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Home & Business Automation

Add peace of mind and safety to your locations


➤ Arm & Disarm Alarm

➤ Lock & Unlock Doors

➤ Turn Lights On & Off

➤ Adjust Thermostats

➤ Save Time, Energy And Money

➤ Convenient And Easy

➤ Locally Hosted And Secured With SSL

➤ No Monthly Fees

Let Us Help You Take Control

Repairs & Upgrades for

Desktops, Laptops, Tablets and Servers


Work More Effeciently

➤ Is Your Computer Freezing?

➤ Do You Have Random Reboots?

➤ Screen Cracked?

➤ Need An Upgrade?

➤ Out Of Space On Your C Drive?

➤ Laptop Charging Issues?

➤ Need More Memory?

➤ Internet Issues?

Let Us Help You Join The Times

Fast Remote Support

We specialize in remote PC support, our experts connect to your machine remotely to resolve your PC issues quickly.

Fix IT Issues Remotely, With Zero Hassle!

➤ We Assist Work From Home Employees

➤ Save Time & Cut Travel Costs

➤ Fix Modem/Router Issues

➤ Setup and Troubleshooting of Video Conferencing

➤ Wi-Fi Optimization

➤ Printer Setup / Fix

➤ Virus & Malware Removal

➤ Protect From Hackers/ Phishing

➤ Operating System Issues/ Updates

➤ Errors and Pop-Ups

Let Us Help You Grow Your Business Safely

Virus Cleanup - Malware Removal

Ransomware Remediation

Detect, remove, and clean malware. Stop viruses, spyware, ransomware,
and other malware threats in real-time. All the time.


Threat Cleanup & Prevention

➤ Pop-ups?

➤ Getting Redirected To Unwanted Sites?

➤ Internet Inconsistent?

➤ Need An Upgrade?

➤ Have A Virus?

➤ Running Slow?

➤ Infected With Malware?

➤ Unusual Messages Show Unexpectedly?

Let Us Help You Minimize Downtime

Data Backup - Data Recovery

Protect The Data That Fuels Your Business


Fast, Reliable Data Protection Without the Cost or Complexity

Regardless of the size of your business, data backup and recovery needs to be a crucial part of your daily IT operations and IT planning.

➤ Automatic Cloud Backup For All Your Important Data

➤ No Need To Provision Storage

➤ De-duplication And Compression

➤ AES 256-bit Encryption

➤ Protect Files On Servers, External Storage Devices

➤ Easy File Recovery For Computers Infected By Ransomware, Without Paying A Ransom

➤ Meet Data Retention Requirements

➤ Restore Online Backups From Any Device

Let Us Help You Keep The Data Secure

Wireless Specialist

Experts In Mesh & Multi-Building Networks


Managed Wi-Fi Systems

Know more about your network than ever before

➤ The Best Price/Performance Wi-Fi Devices

➤ Small And Medium-Sized Businesses

➤ Indoor / Outdoor Use

➤ 4×4 MIMO Mesh Technology

➤ Powered By 802.3af PoE For Environments

➤ PoE Passthrough Option

Let Us Help You Stay Connected

Website Design & Hosting

Website Building


Bring Your Business Alive

➤ Quick Turnaround

➤ Custom Web Design

➤ Ecommerce Stores

➤ We Specialize In Building And Maintaining Cost-Effective Small Business Websites.

➤ Responsive Design – Mobile Done Right

➤ Clean & Easy To Use Websites

➤ We Strive For 100% Client Satisfaction

➤ Here To Assist you Every Step

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